Why be Vegan/follow a plant-based diet?

These things just don't make sense to me:

How is it ok to be torn to pieces about someone going through this(believe me I have sympathy!):
But then proceed to put known carcinogens in your body such as this: (processed meat)

If your a parent shouldn't you want the earth to be fruitful to give to your children?:

Instead, this is what is happening because we are being careless! But you do have a choice to burden the earth more or to be more conscientious of your consumption. 

You say you love your friends and family, But then you eat things that can make you sick or could possibly die from(processed foods, factory processed meat, dairy,  and eggs). Which in turn puts a burden on them emotionally and maybe even financially. 

There are so many reasons why you should consider being vegan, but these ones generally, seem to be unnoticed. Especially since we all know someone going through cancer treatments. Don't you wish you could've helped them prevent going through all that pain?

Why its ok to quit a project/fail.

I've been meaning to write this post for a while. But life has been getting in the way. Esp when you decide to do a water fast and a juice fast lol. And quite frankly I just didn't make time to write it.😂 Not because I don't think its important but because its ok to procrastinate at times. 

My whole life seems to be a series of rules that someone made up to keep me or you from just being your own damn self. I clearly love to defy these rules. For an instance as soon as I find a love in some type of hobby, I end up feeling compelled to put a time schedule on it(why do I do that). And make it more complicated than what it should be. Then I am like f@#k this time frame. But where did these rules come from? Is it just me creating these rules for myself?(maybe you can relate?) Or maybe it's the media that creates these rules of how perfect and successful I should be. I want to be successful but it can really zap the joy out of things. This especially can happen for the over…

Creating moments of happiness.

Most people either unconscientious or conscientiously are searching for happiness in their life. But the truth from my own experience is you won't find it outside yourself. No person, thing or situation can make you happy for long. And lasting happiness is a myth. Because life is about the experience of all emotions. Without pain or sadness, or even just melancholy, you wouldn't know what happiness feels like. But the great thing is you can create more happiness in your life. There is an effort on your part, it won't just randomly be on your doorstep(or will it?). But it is possible to create these moments of happiness.

Before I share my own ways that may help you find joy in your life. I would like to talk about a universal law that most are not familiar with. This is the law of the pendulum. Which I think is an important law that most don't explain. Imagine a pendulum moving back and forth, one side is happiness and the other is sadness. The center is balance and neut…